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High school is a very crucial time of transition and change. Through telling the stories of fictional characters Steve, Grant, Samantha, and Seth, we examine how teenagers today experience the pressures around them socially and emotionally. Each character is trapped by a something external or internal: Steve is a bully; Grant has tried to keep up his image and reputation for the sake of his family; Samantha can’t escape from her mom’s sheltering; and Seth, despite trying to be invisible to avoid any contact or harm, is always sought out and bullied.

Upcoming Event

Bob’s Big Boy

May 26, 2016 4PM till 9PM

Head over to Bob’s Big boy on May 26th from 4pm till 9pm with the below flyer and Bob’s Big Boy will donate 20% of sales to Hardly Easlie. Both dine in and take out. Come out, enjoy some amazing food, meet the cast and crew, and help get this film funded!

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